About Us

Not Just Another IT Firm

stand-out-unique-red-pencilLaunch IT Solutions was founded in Gilbert, AZ in 2003, shortly after the Dot-com bubble burst, leaving a job market heavily flooded with overpaid, underqualified “IT guys.”

While a lot of those IT guys jumped ship (ironically into the next doomed boat, Real Estate) Ruben Moreno, Owner and Chief Operator of Launch IT Solutions, decided if he couldn’t get a job working for someone else, he’d simply work for himself.

Armed with his expertise in the IT industry, and and a determination to stay in the field he loved, Ruben founded Launch ITS. Out of his struggle to develop and grow his own business, grew a passion to help other small businesses do the same. Built upon word of mouth, with commitment to strong values, and an equally strong work ethic, Launch ITS is now a thriving IT firm, serving small businesses and residential clients throughout the East Valley.

While Launch ITS specializes in the Medical and Dental fields, bringing extensive knowledge to EMR infrastructure support as well as HIPAA compliance regulations, it is always the priority to equip any small business with the IT solution that best fits their need. We work with clients from many diverse industries, including healthcare, real-estate, finance, non-profits, interior-design, and automotive sales. Our goal is to help every client achieve increased margins in their business by leveraging available technology that allows their employees to operate more effectively and with greater gain.