PHR (Personal Healthcare Records)

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As many of you know the big topic at the forefront of national debate is Healthcare reform. One thing at the forefront of technology is PHR or Personal Healthcare Records. What is PHR? Well in a nutshell it is putting ones healthcare records in the hands of the patient instead of in the hands of your healthcare provider(s). Big companies like Google and Microsoft are pushing the government to establish a standard for storing and transmitting this data. The way it would work is you as a patient would sign up for an account with Google or Microsoft or some other vendor to hold your Healthcare Records on a secured server in cyberspace. As a patient you would control who has access to your healthcare records and who can add to it. If you get an x-ray or have blood work done all the data would be uploaded and appended to your healthcare record online. Your doctor, once access has been granted could then read and append to your healthcare chart too. The Big Brother skeptics are bound to be concerned about this. Who will have access? Government, Insurance companies, Employer? All this has yet to be determined. I for one want the standard to be established but I believe adoption by the public will be slow and cautious.

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