Picture Archiving Communication System


If you run a doctors office of any size, you probably have x-rays and/or ultrasounds being done in your office. These are very expensive machines, but they generate great income. One of the requirements of doing imaging in your office is to store those images for a minimum of 5 years. The problem is disk space. You can’t possibly save all these images on the same machines that are performing the tests without eventually running out of disk space (they’re 10MB to 20MB per test) . Sure, you can upgrade your hard drive but that’s not always an option depending on your system. You can offload your images to an external hard drive, burn to CD but what if that external hard drive craps out. Now you’ve lost all your data. You technically need a backup to the backup. So what’s to be done?

A PACS archive system allows you to setup a server with lots of disk space that you can dump your images onto. This allows you to free up the disk space on your radiology and US machines and still be in compliance. Shopping for a secure, safe and affordable PACS solution? Launch IT Solutions has options available to fit the size of your practice. Contact us today!


Pricing as low as $750 /month for offsite, secure PACS