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  • Owner’s Personal Attention – working with a small business is a huge advantage.
  • Quick Response Times – no more waiting hours (or days) for your IT team to get back to you.
  • Medical and Dental Technology Specialists – over 20 years working with medical and dental technology and vendors.
  • Peace of Mind – Your data and networks are safe with Launch IT Solutions’ proactive "Launching Technique"
  • Easy contracts - If you aren’t satisfied, we make it right! Still not happy? We'll help with your transition to another IT  provider in less than 30 days.
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Why Choose Launch IT Solutions?

6 Big Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Trust Their IT and Phone Support to Launch IT Solutions

1. We are Medical and Dental Technology Specialists
Having worked with healthcare providers for over 20 years, we understand the challenges within the medical and dental infrastructures. It’s a complex environment, with many moving parts, and many compliance challenges. Working with EMR vendors is our specialty, and we’ve achieved a familiarity over the years that other firms can’t rival. Time and again, we've solved the complexity the “other IT guy” just couldn’t figure out.

2.. We are Relationship Builders
At Launch IT Solutions, we believe in communication. And because we aren’t the largest firm out there, we have the time to do it. Meeting regularly is one of our favorite parts of the job. We care about our clients’ technology BECAUSE we care about them as people. We want their technology to be safe, efficient, and easy for them to implement. Our clients come to us and stay with us - some have been with us for longer than 15 years!

3. We are “Geek-Speak” Translators
We DO speak Geek, but we translate! Our competitors claim to NOT speak Geek, somehow reassuring customers that all will be well. But here is our question: Would you want to work with someone in any field, who didn’t speak that field’s language fluently? Indeed, we don’t believe any business should allow an “IT guy” to work with their technology unless that IT guy speaks “Geek,” and speaks it well. At Launch IT Solutions, we never dismiss our customers or their questions, no matter how many they have. We are willing to translate…and translate, until our customers feel comfortable with the solutions suggested.

4. We are Highly Responsive
The average IT industry response time is 4-6 hours or longer. And if they do answer the phone, many have outsourced their help desk to another company or even another country. With Launch IT Solutions, we are available immediately, and can provide a competent technician to work on our clients’ issues within 15 minutes or less.

5. We are Data Defender Strategists
Cybersecurity is the new “buzz” word of the times. Most people understand the need for increased cybersecurity to protect their data and network. What they are unsure of is how to implement a strategy that deals with the various, continuously advancing threats within technology. Launch IT Solutions defines those strategies, and puts them in place so you can sleep at night – actually, so we can sleep at night. Our clients’ safety is our safety.

6. We are HIPAA Compliant (REALLY)
Many IT firms will claim HIPAA compliancy, but truly they’re just as confused as their clients. (What exactly IS HIPPA?!😉 Our experience working in medical and dental technology has yielded great experience in the HIPAA arena, and we’ve researched and partnered with the right vendors to bring you that compliancy as well, giving you and your patients true peace of mind.

A Word From Our Founder

In 2002, I founded Launch IT Solutions from a personal passion for all
things technical. In fact, I've been blessed to build my career around one of my favorite hobbies - computers. When people ask my wife what I do when I'm not working she answers, "Computers." People often reply, "No, what does he do for fun?"  To which she then smiles, and repeats patiently, "Computers".

For over two decades, I've developed my expertise in a wide range of IT services, evolving from a break-fix "IT Guy" to the owner of a thriving MSP firm, serving the Healthcare and SMB sectors throughout the Phoenix area. I believe it's possible to deliver elite-level managed solutions at a clearly understood personal level, and I do my best to listen to each client and bridge that gap between the "techies" and "non-techies". Although some might say I'm a true "Geek" at heart, my family and friends (even some of my clients) think I'm pretty cool! When I'm not working, I love mountain biking, kayaking, movies, and spending time with my family.

With a pledge to integrity, and a focus on personal attention, I look forward to each new opportunity to serve our clients.

Ruben Moreno | Owner

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