The Fuel Within

At Launch IT Solutions, we figured out early on that it's the relationship that ultimately channels excellence. At Launch IT Solutions, we aim for excellence because we believe in the people we work with. We deliver proactive solutions, so the people we work with have elite-level support in place before any issues arise. Because we care about our people, we care about their technology; how safe they are, how efficient they are, how easy things are. Simply put, our rocket fuel is you. Let us "Launch" your IT forward, and fuel your network to surpass all your expectations.




A Word From the Founder

In 2002, I founded Launch IT Solutions from a personal passion for all
things technical. In fact, I've been blessed to build my career around one of my favorite hobbies - computers. When people ask my wife what I do when I'm not working she answers, "Computers." People often reply, "No, what does he do for fun?"  To which she then smiles, and repeats patiently, "Computers".

For over two decades, I've developed my expertise in a wide range of IT services, evolving from a break-fix "IT Guy" to the owner of a thriving MSP firm, serving the Healthcare and SMB sectors throughout the Phoenix area. I believe it's possible to deliver elite-level managed solutions at a clearly understood personal level, and I do my best to listen to each client and bridge that gap between the "techies" and
"non-techies". Although some might say I'm a true "Geek" at heart, my family and friends (even some of my clients) think I'm pretty cool! When I'm not working, I love mountain biking, kayaking, movies, and spending time with my family.

With a pledge to integrity, and a focus on personal attention, I look forward to each new opportunity to serve our clients.

Ruben Moreno | Owner