Freedom To Be A Doctor!

Since working with Launch IT Solutions, the number one advantage to my medical practice has been the freedom I have gained from no longer having to be the middle-man when dealing with my EMR vendor. Launch IT Solutions deals directly with my EMR, leaving me free to work with my patients.

I have used Launch IT Solutions as my medical technology specialists for over eight years, and they always deliver prompt service whenever needed.

With Ruben leading his team, no matter what the issue is, all is good. Call them today!

Dr. Grace Matta, MD Endocrinology Specialist
Scottsdale Endocrinology
Scottsdale, AZ

True Friends Of The Medical Industry

Launch IT Solutions is always just a phone call away. No matter the time, day or night, they always pick up. If something cannot be fixed remotely, they are on site ASAP, and knowing I can count on them gives me peace of mind. Reliability is their middle name.

In addition to being counted on, Launch IT Solutions gives us top-notch security. As a doctor, my patients’ data safety is one of my main concerns, and Launch IT Solutions appreciates that concern. They stay on top of our cyber security, continuously checking our system for vulnerabilities, going the extra mile to make sure we stay secure.

Launch IT Solutions treats my medical staff with the utmost care and respect. Even when we are the ones who accidentally break something, they reassure us that it is no big deal, and they simply solve the problem.

Besides being great IT professionals, Ruben and his team are true friends of our industry. We trust them explicitly and recommend them to all of our associates.

Dr. James Campbell, DO Family Physician
Mesa, AZ

Reliable, Knowledgeable, Efficient

We have been using Launch IT Solutions for our medical technology needs for almost five years, and they have solved our problems efficiently and accurately.

Launch IT Solutions is different from other IT firms in the extent of their technical knowledge, especially with our EMR, eClinicalWorks. Because they have been in business for twenty years, their knowledge base is extensive, and their professionalism unmatched. I appreciate their attention to time management, mine as well as theirs.

Reliable, knowledgeable, efficient, consistent, the list goes on! Launch IT Solutions is our choice for unlimited tech support.

Dr. Kathleen Gerace, DO Internal Medicine Specialist
AllCare Internal Medicine
Scottsdale, AZ

Responsive and Accessible!

Launch IT Solutions makes sure our network runs smoothly, regardless of the unique requirements of each machine. They make it easy to log IT tickets for any issues that arise, and most issues are resolved the same day.

Other IT firms say they’re available, but Launch IT Solutions’ communication and support can’t be beat. Any time our office has a need or even a quick question, Ruben and his staff are there to support us, their responsiveness and accessibility ensuring that we made the right choice in hiring them for our IT needs. Launch IT Solutions has made our practice solid and secure!

Kerri Metcalf Patient Coordinator
Body by Leverett
Phoenix, AZ

Our Own Launch Team!

The single biggest benefit to our company since using Launch IT Solutions is their quickness of service, and dependability.

Better than other IT firms we have worked with, they deliver every time with honesty and reliability.

If you are on the fence about choosing them as your IT firm, don’t be! The Launch Team is worth it.

Phillip Cox Assistant Director
Youth Development Institute
Phoenix, AZ

My Technical Support Lifeline!

Launch IT Solutions takes the time to understand my business structure and needs. They work with me to analyze if our technology systems are adequate and help me budget for any necessary changes. Having an IT team that walks alongside me as we find solutions together provides a personal touch for my mid-size business.

When an issue is reported, Launch IT Solutions provides technical support in a timely manner, directly to my employees, freeing me to focus on other work within my company. They stay on top of the ever-changing technology world, so I don't have to. Launch IT Solutions is my technical support lifeline!

While other IT firms approach technology with a one-size-fits-all product, Launch IT Solutions creates a support plan that is right for each business, and they can do the same for yours. Call them today!

Tracy Lenzo Contract Compliance
Aqua-Tots Swim Schools
Mesa, AZ